Tecnigold is looking at a brilliant new chapter in its life

Founded by Francesco Piotto in 1978, Tecnigold, one of the major companies operating in the jewellery industry in northeast Italy, was acquired in April 2016 by Starlight Harmony, the Hong Kong-based parent company of the YEN financial group.

"Now that it is in Asian hands, Tecnigold is looking at a brilliant new chapter in its life," said Pierantonio Scodro, the administrator of the company. "Right from the start, we aimed to renew our relations with long-standing customers both in Asia and South America, and have recorded good results that encourage us to look to 2017 with fresh optimism."

The company in Borso del Grappa (Treviso) has recently signed a distribution agreement for the North American market with Prime Jewellery Art in Dallas and with Novello for distribution of the product in Italy. "With UBS Indonesia, instead, we signed a commercial technical agreement for the creation of new collections allowing us to access new distribution channels like that of online sales and television", Scodro explained.

Negotiations are also underway for trade agreements that will permit penetration of the German, Korean and Japanese markets. For these reasons, there will be a plan for development and revitalisation of the brand in 2017 that aims to increase turnover by 35%.
"We are taking on this new course of action with an open mind and a different vision of the global and international market. In 2017, we will focus considerably on research and development, and to do so we will form a dedicated international work team based in Italy," Scodro said. "Our accomplishment is in fact proving to be a great opportunity for Tecnigold, a company that has always stood out for its excellent manufacturing capacity and its innovative and international nature."